Welcome to our website! We are Jamie and Sandi Ehresman, happily married, and happily teamed up to rock this thing called Real Estate in our little neck of the woods (Central Texas, that is 😊).

When we’re not working, we’re hanging out in downtown Bastrop with friends, enjoying local food and music, dancing around our kitchen while making dinner, kayaking down our local piece of the Lower Colorado River, starting a new home project, traveling to far-off places with family…you get the idea!

Two Heads are Better Than One

Part of what makes both our marriage and our business work so well is that we complement each other perfectly.

Jamie is Mr. Outgoing, energetic, and unflappable. He is a military veteran and retired federal employee, with almost 30 years of government experience. He brings strong leadership and negotiation skills to the table. (And being a vet, you can be sure we have been through a VA home purchase a time or two!)

Sandi is incredibly detailed, organized, and a bit of a perfectionist (that’s good, right?). She spent a 17-year career in hospitality and finance, honing her skills in accounting and high-end customer service. She gives nothing but her best in everything she does.

Together, we are able to attend to every detail, jump every hurdle, solve every problem, and go the extra mile to ensure an extraordinary experience for you and yours.

But There’s More…

We think there is much more to doing business than just our skill set. It’s those unquantifiable things that really pack a punch. Things like integrity, accountability, and kindness.

It’s being there to lend a shoulder when a client shares that a loved one has just passed away. It’s helping a client clean their brand-new home before move-in because the seller did not have the time to get it done. It’s owning up to a mistake and making it right. It’s a million little things that let you know that we care.

We are interested in the relationships we are building much more than the transactions we are working, as important as those are. We want you to call us, to work with us, to build a lasting relationship with us. We MEAN it. We are here for you.

Jamie & Sandi Ehresman

Jamie & Sandi Ehresman

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